Ford v Ferrari (2019) - IMDb review

Ford V Ferrari 2019 Review: The Historical Race is ready to conquer the audience, and the talented veteran duo on the race to the 2020 Golden Oscar.

The world wide screen has long been absent from pure, authentic racing movies and brought excitement to the viewers, and director James Mangold brought them back in Ford v. Ferrari: The Race of History, featuring talented actors Christian Bale and Matt Damon. The film is ready to conquer the audience, and the veteran duo also shows that they are full of energy on the race to the 2020 Golden Oscar.

Ford v Ferrari (2019) - review

Ford v. Ferrari: The History Race is set in the 1960s, with the focus on a 24-hour race at Le Mans in France, one of the oldest and harshest races in the world. After the acquisition of Ferrari in Fiat Group, American car giant Ford seemed to be thrown into a cold water into their ambition to dominate. Under the agreement of Henry Ford II (Tracy Letts), Ford is ready to step into the development of racing cars, aiming to defeat the Ferraris that dominate the Le Mans race for 5 consecutive years. With the lead of Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon), a former driver who beat Ferrari on Aston Martin DBR1, Ford's talented engineering team created the legendary Ford GT40 race car. Shelby accompanies Ken Miles (Christian Bale), an outstanding engineer and driver, on the road to perfecting the GT40 and together face the difficulties and contradictions in the Ford Group to aim for the goal. Their grandeur beat Ferrari and won the championship at Le Mans 1966.

With a fairly long duration, Ford v. Ferrari: The Historical Race is a spread and slow story about the birth of Shelby American Inc, parallel with the development of Ford MT40. The pace of the movie is slow, there is a continuous transition between social relationships, the conflicts that the Shelby and Miles duo face, besides the danger on the test track before Ford was just an apprentice guy. Close friends go hand in hand, face and sacrifice for each other to achieve the final goal. Shelby does everything to give Miles the chance to race, while Miles is also willing to help Shelby turn GT40 into a car capable of defeating Ferrari war horses.

Ford v. Ferrari: The Historical Race is only really accelerated when entering the racetrack, when Miles' bravado behind the steering wheel and Shelby's seasoned pit side experience form a perfect pair. The racing stages are meticulously arranged, combining both first and third-person views. The sound of the engine roar, the beautiful roads at Le Mans, the masterpieces on the track of Ferrari, Aston Martin, Ford or Porsche makes it hard for speed followers to take their eyes off the screen. Pure races always bring a lot of emotions, especially when the superheroes behind the Universal steering wheel have occupied the big screen for so long.

Legend of Enzo Ferrari, founder of the racing team as well as the famous Italian supercar company is also described quite interestingly in Ford v. Ferrari: The Race Of History. A true Italian gentleman, pure passion for the speed and the masterpieces he created. However, in addition to Enzo and the beautiful Red Horse originals on the track, Ferrari's story is quite faint and makes the viewer feel that their name on the title of the movie is completely different from Ford. In addition, the faintness that comes from the shortcomings is that there are quite a lot of Italian dialogue lines in the film without subtitles in English as well as Vietnamese, making the audience quite confusing with the conversations in internal Ferrari.

Duo starring Ford v. Ferrari: The Race of History, Matt Damon and Christian Bale, do not hide their ambition to participate in the race to the golden statue in 2020. Both have completed their roles impressively with proven strength. Shelby experienced, courteous, courteous but also full of cunning, cunning, is a solid rear complement to his best friend on the track. Meanwhile, Bale's Ken Miles is a racer, an engineer with pure instincts, a somewhat naive and rude, or cool way of talking but a sense of the car and bravery on the track is excellent. The wonderful interaction between the two on the screen creates a beautiful friendship, which is the main material for Ford's road to victory. Both roles have their own weight, but the writer was more impressed with Bale, as he always knew how to refresh himself in a variety of different roles, and the peculiar personality of Ken Miles was him. described honestly.

Biography may not be easy to watch for most audiences, but Ford v. Ferrari: The Race of History, we have a great presence and juggling from two leading Hollywood actors. Besides, speed believers also do not want to ignore the opportunity to see the legendary racing versions appearing on the screen. The excitement at 7000 RPM, as Ken Miles mentioned, will make people not want to miss.

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