Ghosts of war 2020 review

Ghosts of war 2020 Review is a pretty good movie, but not enough to make viewers excited about returning to the box office.

In the current heat of the epidemic, very few blockbusters dare to venture out now. So the race was open for smaller movies like Ghosts of War, but unfortunately, the movie wasn't attractive enough to pull the crowd back in theaters.

The film revolves around five soldiers who are on a mission to guard a French castle at the end of World War II. But things are not as simple as they thought when they had to confront the Nazis are hovering. Ignoring the castle, attacking young soldiers, along with dealing with the invisible forces hidden in the place they were staying. Will they be able to survive to return, or have to give up and face the military court because of that immeasurable threat?

The movie scene does not seem strange to those who love horror movies, the image of a haunted mansion seems to be too familiar to many people, but also provokes us with a lot of curiosity because The characters who discover the mansion are not the teenagers or families we often see, but the brave, strong soldiers. But then we see the familiar elements that this genre often has, the ghosts gliding across characters, strange noises, hallucinations from the past ... generally not new and somewhat stereotyped.

The film has a pretty good opening, building a relatively accessible situation for most viewers, leading us straight to a ruined world after the war. The audience can see the cruelty and violence that World War II brought, showing both the American soldiers and the Nazis in the beginning of the film, signaling a journey full of hardship and stress. of the soldiers the film is directed to. Overall, the movie has a nice, clear texture, but it's in the first half, and the second half ... that's a different story.

What killed the emotions that the first half of the film built in part was the jump-scare scenes. In some scenes, the circumstances leading to jump-scare are quite good, some are quite bad and annoying not because of fear, but because of the constant frustration of having to panic and invisible. harmful to the mood to watch movies For a long-time horror fan, this is exactly what they do not expect in horror movies, especially those of the current generation, when viewers always ask for a story, how to build more intelligent, more creative fear than short-term panic tricks like jump-scare.

War horror movies are not new, mostly focusing on the horrific memories, the psychological trauma that soldiers receive when fighting, some expanding into supernatural powers, all all revolve around the atrocities of war, giving viewers a sense of survival, stifling and horrible that war leaves the world.

Greedy movies combine both the supernatural and psychological elements, and unfortunately do not arrive anywhere, creating a tedious story, mixed feelings, leaving viewers not knowing whether they are watching a horror film, or a fantasy movie, this is proof that some of the best movie genres should not be mixed together. Because indeed both of the above, the film did not come, making the story increasingly confusing to an unnecessary level.

The last 30 minutes is the movie's weakest point, all pushed urgently, unnaturally. Characters solve problems in a way .. falling from the sky and illogical. The 180-degree rotation near the end of the film, moving from supernatural horror to science fiction, the film tries to cram the super-realistic elements of time to "hack the brain" of the viewer, but lacks sophistication and self. However, in the suggestive and deciphered way, it makes things even more chaotic and redundant for viewers.

Actually, the transition mentioned above will not matter if the ending is implemented more properly and satisfactorily. Whether the filmmaker ran out of funds or ran out of ideas, it created such an unprecedented and quick conclusion. It feels like if the ending of the movie is polished or at least more time, the audience will not have to be surprised and say "What the hell?" when I just walked out of the theater.

The cast generally does a good job, but some just play around. The biographies of the characters are also obscure, making the viewer less sympathetic to the characters and their actions, except for the sniper Tappert, who is quite impressive because only the character is actually a proper story line. Humorous situations are also expressed naturally, gracefully by their acting, the jokes are not too much, but simply their indecisive statements also make us laugh. It can be said that the main cast is a part that makes the movie worth watching.
Oan Khuat Mansion obviously has a lot of potential, from an impressive young cast to an interesting story, easy to exploit many elements surrounding it, but wasted because of hugging so many things while not Which element is to make it clear, leading to exhaustion at the end of the movie. Later filmmakers really needed to consider abstaining from using panic methods from the last decade like jump-scare, because no matter how good the story is, how hard the brain is, Such factors will kill the film. If you ignore the above issues, the Palace of Oan Khuat is still a temporary movie, suitable for entertainment in the bleak situation in the movie market which is very lacking in the current horror film.

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