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Mirage (2018) movie reviews - Mirage continues to be another successful film directed by Orio Paulo, after works that resonated not only in Spain but also internationally such as The Body or The Invisible Guest.

Mirage (2018) movie info

  • Genre:  Art House & International, Drama, Mystery & Suspense, Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Directed By:  Oriol Paulo
  • Written By: Lara Sendim, Oriol Paulo
  • On Disc/Streaming:  Mar 22, 2019
  • Runtime:  129 minutes
  • Studio: Netflix

Mirage movie 2018 explained

A rare Spanish film that exploits the sci-fi genre, Mirage satisfies viewers with its complexity, though not in depth because it focuses more on leading the plot. Full of entertainment, emotional, the film is generally suitable for those who love the style of the director, love the mystery, suspense and surprise movies.

The movie begins in 1989, the time when the Berlin Wall collapsed, the weather was in a storm when the boy Nico (Julio Bohigas) accidentally witnessed a murder. He ran away but accidentally hit the car.

Mirage 2018 movie reviews

25 years later, nurse Vera (Adriana Ugarte), moves to Nico's house with her husband David (Alvaro Morte) and daughter Gloria (Luna Fulgencio). One night, during a similar storm in 1989, Vera found an old TV and contacted Nico 25 years ago.

This TV is a time gap to bring the past 25 years and the future 25 years later meet at one point, giving Vera the opportunity to save Nico. Unfortunately, Vera had to change history with her husband and daughter, so Vera decided to try to change reality again.
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Influenced by films like Frequency (2000) by Gregory Hoblit or more clearly Back to the Future, but different from the work of mass influence and still making audiences excited to discover many new details. between the movies, Mirage has a simpler content, but is equally interesting. However, Paulo's story is offset by a Spanish style of film, many dramatic elements related to family, love, lies and emotions. The main details are reasonably interlinked and properly addressed at the end of the film.

The highlight of Mirage must be Ugarte's acting as the female lead, a character with a confused memory, who does not understand what happens when in a familiar fantasy world but it turns out completely. strange, even more must try to find his lost family. The value of Mirage is due in part to the emotional performance of Ugarte, a desperate mother. In addition, Álvaro Morte's round and interesting performance as David Ortiz or Javier Gutiérrez as Ángel Prieto. Chino Darín, on the other hand, is stark and does not show enough of the character's emotions, compared to the other characters, it is a pity that the "black spot" between the cast is too good.

Mirage 2018 movie where was it filmed

Mirage (Spanish: Durante la tormenta) is a 2018 mystery-drama film co-written and directed by Oriol Paulo and starring Adriana Ugarte. The movie was released in Spain in 2018 and worldwide, through Netflix, on March 22, 2019.

Mirage 2018 movie where was it filmed: Country Spain

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