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Review search: www korean drama easily attracts viewers with competitive details at work, it's really a Korean drama for office workers.

Search: WWW is a Korean drama of tvN, directed by Jung Ji-Hyun, Kwon Young-Il from Kwon Eun-Sol's script, starring cast members like Lim Soo-Jung. , Lee Da-Hee, Jeon Hye-Jin, Chang Ki-Yong, Kwon Hae-Hyo and Ye Soo-Jung. Search: WWW's 16 episodes revolve around three women who are dedicated to their work, the way they devote themselves to the company, to their personal goals, as well as to deal with social relationships. The movie is currently being played on Netflix online channel with english subtitles.

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Aeathemovie introduces you, Search: WWW is really Korean drama for office workers, especially those who are working in information, advertising and entertainment industries where keywords play an extremely important role. important. The film opens with the scene of Bae Ta Mi (Lim Soo-Jung) - the manager of Korea's leading search group Unicorn, which is undergoing a trial for keyword manipulation.

The next evolution of Search: WWW also shows that the keywords not only reflect what society is interested in, but also affect the development of the company, even the individual of the person named on keyword rankings. Therefore, the film easily attracts audiences working in this field, both imparting more knowledge on SEO, and showing another ethical perspective because “People become honest when standing in front of search engines. sword. ”

Search: www information:

  • Status: Completed (16/16)
  • Director: tvN,
  • Country: South Korea,
  • Year: 2019
  • Release Date: June 5, 2019
  • Duration: 60 minutes / episode
  • Number of episodes: 16 episodes
  • Quality: Nice version

What I love about Search: WWW is the professionalism of the characters. If Vietnamese dramas are still fighting and debunking each other for promotion, Korean films are somewhat more progressive when showing the combination of characters to benefit. for companies and individuals. The characters in Search: WWW are of course not good friends, even they are rivals and refuse to cooperate, but when standing on the same side, they accept to ignore the ego to do well the job they have been put a lot of enthusiasm into. Typically, Scarlett Cha Hyun (Lee Da-Hee), she is a hot-tempered, straightforward and clear-minded employee who will always oppose the leader of Ta Mi, but the arguments that Scarlett makes are all reasonable and appropriate for Ta Mi to overcome, not only to attack.

The film also exposes people who think the leader seems to hold all the power, but turns out to be a puppet in the hands of others and the victim in Search: WWW is Song Ga-Gyung (Jeon Hye-Jin). Besides, there are episodes that criticize the harshness, prejudices in Korean society, such as the case of actor HanMin-Gyu (Byeon Woo-Seok), when a scandal breaks out, there's no need to know right and wrong. The person most mentioned will be the one who gets the most talk. Not only that, the film is still critical of the importance of appearance, easily judging the book through the cover, causing many young people to lose the opportunity to work.

Another interesting point in Search: WWW that the writer liked that the main character Bae Ta Mi was built is not gentle, patient as many others and then goes up in glory. In order to reach the position of senior manager, Ta Mi has worked hard while daring to repay the despicable tricks that are waiting to swallow her. Film building characters very real, clean and dare to play dirty when necessary:

"- So what? Is that really bad? I can't be a dog? Why can't I be blindly greedy?
- What made you so?
- Do you hope I want to avenge my parents or return to my ex-husband? My greed has no motivation at all. I made it myself, though I bet you can't imagine it. But his desire is illegal. I hope you won't have a happy day. ”

The way Ta Mi pursues her goals and success is also easy to inspire the audience. Not only that, she is also a loyal employee that any company needs someone like her. When invited to the rival company Barro to work, Ta Mi gave a passionate answer about Unicorn:

“It is uncomfortable and I will be disciplined soon. But in my 20s and 30s, I worked at Unicorn. That place is my whole youth. When we reached our first 10 million followers, when we won number one, when we were profitable, when we moved to the new building, I was there. I love and hate that place intensely for 13 years. ”
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The main goal is the competition between the two companies but not so that Search: WWW lacks funny and romantic moments. Scarlett Cha Hyun character with such a hot temper and is the main comedy of the film. Who doesn't admire a woman who is both beautiful and smart and also good at martial arts? Scarlett is always working hard and practicing to "defeat anyone I want and be able to compensate for their injuries. I need to be rich. " Thanks to the flirtatious music director Park Mogan (Chang Ki-Yong) for Ta Mi that Search: WWW does not lack romantic moments, enough to win the hearts of viewers who love the romantic genre. The emotional element in the movie is cute, exuding the difference between love at the age of 28 and 38. The way the straight characters express their feelings to each other makes it more interesting than the boring chases in some other movies.

“I don't have an umbrella in the car. I did not expect it to rain. And I did not expect that she would cry. I don't know anything and nothing much. I can only stay with you in the rain. ” - Park Mogan

“That night, when I saw you and Director Song, it made me really uncomfortable for no apparent reason. I really hate it, I have thought about it carefully. Is it because you're with someone I don't like? Or is it because he's with another woman? I could not conclude but I understood one thing. You have a place in my heart. ” - Ta Mi

Not only is the content elaborate, Search: WWW also carefully invested in costumes, angles and film colors. All are beautifully arranged and harmonized with the happenings, helping to highlight the interaction of the characters. With such an engaging drama, the writer hopes that you will have a relaxing time with Search: WWW.

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