[REVIEW] The Umbrella Academy (Netflix)

Is Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy really good?

Starting right at the end of Season 1, The Umbrella Academy 2 (Netflix) continues to follow the members of Umbrella Academy's superhero squad back to the past. Specifically America in the 1960s. Here, the end of the world clung to them. Number Five "leaps and bounds" back to the 10-day mark before the Soviet Union dropped dozens of nuclear warheads into the United States, starting the process of running long to stop the day of humanity's destruction.

This season 2 or not? The answer is yes. But if you say a great movie is an exaggeration. The new season still uses the formula already in part 1 with a disoriented Number Five, anticipating the future and having to run around Dallas, USA in 1963 to practice the gang of his siblings ... again. So, this season is still cool, cool, cool, quirky and eccentric that has never been seen in the superhero movie series of season 1.

This style makes the season of The Umbrella Academy 2 separate from Teen Titans or Daredevil famous for the characteristics of today's movies: dark, serious, thorny, and showing many complex aspects of social justice. . As Season 1 centers on the family ties that make up heroes, this season successfully balances heroism with social commentary - an indispensable aspect when the film chooses the American decade through many variables. most civil rights activist as context. The bright spot is that the film does not fall into the social aspect but ignores the core of the film: a group of superheroes going to save the world (again) and learn to love each other (again). Ironically, this is what opened up a lot of regret in this movie.

Repeat the formula of part 1 is nothing to blame, especially when it is a successful formula. But failing to fix its problems and doing worse is a bad thing. The first season had a major drawback: the script and the details. The second season not only did not fix the problem but also made it more serious.

The negative length of the previous film can still be offset by the fast-paced rhythm that Number Five brought to the film. The only one who witnessed humanity's last hour, Five struggled to find a knot to change the past. Only when he was too secretive did he ask his family. Since then, the drama has continuously exploded and viewers have witnessed the cause of the brotherhood between them.
Hiding the worst case scenario makes his process of uniting the brothers and sisters always in an urgent situation. The gentleness of the plot makes the movie even more urgent. In other words, season 1, despite its pear, still knows how to build drama. In part 2, this continues with a small change as the Five siblings knew the end of the world. The confusing thing is that they leave the shelves ... because of their "drama".

Season 1 and 2 are two connected seasons. So whether the "family drama" in part 2 is really necessary. Why are the characters accepting and supporting each other, promising to do better again divided because they don't like each other? Why didn't Five draw on his experience of his carelessness and the stubbornness of his brothers while in need of their help? Why did Luther, with a sense of responsibility, ignore Five when he had stated the reason? Klaus is still Klaus. Allison is still stuck in love.

The opening of The Umbrella Academy 2 is a rambling start to the inhibition when the characters here throw away the inner development in the first season just to ... start the inner development in season 2 , as if that's how the writers extended the length of the movie. It was then that the pace of the movie was going slowly and you started getting irritated with the indifference of Five and the lack of connection between the members, while making sure they would get back together. Of course, on that journey, they would repeat the mistakes in part one, typically Five's habit of hiding information, even though he knew the consequences of keeping it secret.

So why is it still considered a good movie? Because after the mess of the opening paragraph, season 2 started to get better in the latter and the climax with a quicker tempo and focused on solving the problem. Besides, Ellen Page as Vanya actually drove a bit of the season. Here, viewers can see the true nature of Vanya instead of a child always isolated by brothers and fathers. The following paragraph also impressed with impressive segments such as discovering the personality and true face of billionaire Reginald Hargreeves.

In short, The Umbrella Academy 2 is pretty good in style. Content aspects can only be considered as okay. The early episodes are annoying and there are segments that make people feel that the late movie is "cool, cool". The movie is therefore shallower than part 1. The cast of characters here, except Vanya, is very easy to make viewers "rush" because they are extremely obnoxious. This can be considered as a move that undermines its own achievements when season 1 has built individuals who are sympathetic, multi-dimensional and realistic.

The Umbrella Academy 2 achieved an impressive score on Rotten Tomato, with 91% from critics and 94% from the audience, slightly more than 11% compared to 83% of the first season. Along with that is the compliment with wings and content. But, this season also brings back a number of reviews that point out the weaknesses of the series. If you watch both seasons of this series, you will agree with this mixed opinion. And the writer boldly gave the movie a score of 7.

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