Top 10 most beautiful and sexiest Japanese movie JAV actors

Let's love the face of Top 10 most beautiful and seductive Japanese JAV actors, these actors are not only beautiful but their three-round body is perfect for you to wash your eyes.

Believe me, look for the movies of these actors and they will definitely not cost money, these angels are said to have the most cheeks of the contemporary Japanese JAV industry.

top 10 most beautiful and sexiest
Top 10 most Japan JAV beautiful and seductive

Top 10 most beautiful and sexiest JAV actors in Japan in 2020

Let's have a look at our idols, here is a list of top 10 beautiful JAV actors, but there are also many HD movies that cannot cover the most viewers.

1. JAV actress - Ayano Nana

Ayano Nana was born on December 3, 1995 (age 24), in Kanagawa, Japan, possessing a holy face accompanied by uncovered JAV movies, living carefree optimism and participating in the entertainment industry. for you because you want to get rid of your shy nature. And of course, she is currently very successful in the Japanese JAV industry and has a huge fan base in Asia.

Information Actor Ayano Nana

  • Height: 1m59
  • Measures 3 rounds in order are: 86-58-86
  • Weight: 42 kg
  • Year of birth: 1995

Ayano Nana javlibrary

2. JAV actress - Kana Yume

Kana Yume JAV idol with an identity of specializing in split braids with a 3-round body ideal size 88-57-87 is one of the most popular members of the JAV film community, she has Kana Yume nude photo collections extremely make many people crave to be social with her.

Kana Yume's gentle and charismatic acting style seems to capture the hearts of everyone who has seen her movies. Currently she has a large fan base from many countries around the world.

Information JAV actress Kana Yume

  • Height 1m65
  • Measures 3 rounds: 88-57-87
  • Weight 46 kg
  • Born in 1993

Her best movie in the lead role is: Mxgs-906 - Strange family and beautiful girl Kana Yume

Yume Kana javlibrary

3. JAV actress - Takizawa laura

Takizawa laura (also known as Rola Misaki) Born in June 1992 (28 years old) in Tokyo, Japan, possessing an angelic face has created a fever for young people who love the film Takizawa laura plays.

With her well-proportioned body and ideal height, she participated in Japanese television and also acted in J-Drama, which was a movie that was screened in Japan. But in 2012 she began to join the JAV industry and once announced she would usurp the throne of Maria Ozawa,

JAV movies Takizawa laura are always warmly received because of her hot temperature. It is undeniable that Takizawa laura JAV's participation in the film is correct because looking back at her fans in many countries is huge.

Profile Takizawa laura (Rola Misaki)

  • Height 1m72
  • Weight: 48kg
  • Measures 3 rounds: 89-56-86
  • Year of birth: 1992

Takizawa laura JAVlibrary

4. JAV actress Ameri Ichinose

Actor Ameri Ichinose entered the entertainment industry in 2006, she has worked for many famous studios and pornography such as Namadol, B-Max et Prestige, A to M, HMJM Glamor, ...

With her well-proportioned figure and angelic face, she was the brightest star to inherit the throne of Saint Maria Ozawa when she retired. In addition, Ameri Ichinose is also a rich person when her income is at the top 4 of the 18+ stars in Japan.

She had a peak career taking on roles in 270 different JAV movies, and her career is divided into three periods:

In 2006, 2007, 2009 under the name Erika Kurisu
In 2008, 2009 under the name Ayaka Misora
From 2009 to 2013 with the name: Ameri Ichinose

Information actor Ameri Ichinose JAV

  • Height: 1m67
  • Other name: Ayaka Misora ​​/ Erika Kurisu
  • Year of birth: Date of birth: September 16, 1987
  • Measures 3 rounds: 89-57-88

Ameri Ichinose JAVlibrary

5. Actress Suzu Mitake

Actress Suzu Mitake is one of the favorite girls of the Japanese JAV industry, she started to join the adult film production industry in 2015 and is an exclusive actress of E-BODY, until May In July 2016, she signed an official contract as the exclusive JAV actress of S1. Although Mitake Suzu has an imperfect face, her best plus is her model figure and super standard 3-round measurements.

Information about actress Suzu Mitake JAV

  • Born in 1994
  • Height 1m61
  • Measures 3 rounds: 92-57-85 cm
  • Hobby of cooking and singing

Visit pictures of JAV actor Suzu Mitake

6. Actress Yui Hatano JAV

Another familiar face in Japanese movies is Yui Hatano, the actress who has received the JAV actress award for beautiful, promising, and best performance In 2014, awarded by the film crew. Japan.

She is a quite familiar face for residents who like to watch JAV movies in Vietnam and other countries in Asia. With her beautiful face and balanced body, she has cut millions of hearts of JAV followers around the world.

Some information from the actor Yui Hatano

  • Year of birth: 1988
  • Height 1m63
  • Measures 3 rounds: 90-56-86

Stock Photo JAV Yui Hatano

7. Saint Maria Ozawa

Referring to Maria Ozawa, no JAV movie fanatic does not know, this is an Idol not only for moviegoers but a wall for other JAV actors, possessing many outstanding nicknames such as "The Queen of Hot Movies","Holy Queen Maria Ozawa", you have been and are something that we definitely have to watch her movie at least once.

Start-up started at the age of 18 with more than 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry of JAV films without cover and cover. Although Maria Ozawa is retired now, her movies are still hot in the adult movie websites. Currently, she occupies the 6th place in the JAV actress ranking with the highest income despite being retired for 6 years.

Some information about Maria Ozawa

  • Year of birth: 1986
  • Weight: 48 kg
  • Height: 1m61

Stock Photo JAV Maria Ozawa

8. JAV actress Saori Hara

After Ozawa we continue to come to Saori Hara, a hit actor in the Japanese JAV industry, known for his well-proportioned body with perfect three-round measurements and a combined charm from Phuong. West and East.

Saori Hara is an actress with a beautiful face and a long track record of the famous adult movies she participated in such as Clear Water, Lala Pipo, Awakening,... named as one of the 50 beautiful JAV actresses. Asian beauty 2010 but now she retired and only participated in healthy advertising, so we can only enjoy the old movies she has played.

Information actor Saori Hara JAV

  • Born in 1988
  • Height 1m65
  • Number of bo 3 rounds 91-58-88

Full hd images of Saori Hara

9. Minori Hatsune starring JAV

When we watch high school movies, there is indispensable experience for the movie Minori Hatsune takes on the lead role, she has participated in many famous films such as IPZ-561 or IPTD-852.

Dubbed the most beautiful, sexy and hottest JAV actor with the Minori Hatsune Porn films playing extremely popular with audiences around the world.

Moreover, Minori Hatsune is being evaluated as one of the great beauties of Japan with her gentle beautiful face that makes viewers unable to take their eyes off the screen whenever they watch the JAV movie Minori Hatsune plays.

And now she has officially retired to follow the path of singing and advertising modeling.

Information Actor Minori Hatsune

  • Year of birth: 1987
  • Measures 3 rounds: 89-58-85
  • Height: 1m65

Minori Hatsune JAV image gallery

10. Super round 1 JAV Rio Hamasaki

The last person on the list is Rio Hamasaki, we cannot forget her huge breasts when watching the movie Rio Hamasaki plays, which is an identity that is hard to confuse for anyone in the JAV industry. Japan.

Born and raised in the country of cherry blossoms, he did not know what Rio Hamasaki ate and had such huge breasts, it was the weapon to kill millions of hearts addicted to big boobs JAV movies.

Joining the militant JAV army in 2019, she quickly became known and became one of the most expensive show faces, she has participated in over 100 high school movies and now she is a photo model. for dozens of lingerie stores thanks to huge huge breasts.

Information actor Rio Hamasaki HD

  • Date of birth: June 11, 1988
  • Location: Saitama, Japan
  • Full name: Erika Morishita
  • Measures 3 rounds: 90–59–86

Some pictures of the JAV actress Rio Hamasaki

With the article Top 10 most beautiful and sexy Japanese movie JAV actors, compiled by Aeathemovie above, hope to provide you with the necessary information for the search for good JAV movies of famous and beautiful JAV actors. pretty. Do not forget to watch movies on the website to experience high-speed movies and Full HD mode.

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